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The Witching Hour

Hogwarts’ many strange and colorful professors take center stage this week on The Witching Hour. From Dumbledore to Slughorn, Umbridge to Trewlaney, we discuss them all! 

Season 6 - Episode 11 - Hogwarts Professors

"My Baby" by Ministry of Magic
"Butterfly Kisses for Minerva" by Tom Riddle and Friends
"Magical Me" by The Quaffle Kids
"Sybill Trelawny" by Catchlove
"Trelawny (demo)" by The Hermione Crookshanks Experience
"Trelawny Predicted That I’d Die 10 Times" by The Quaffle Kids
"Lupin’s Tale" by Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls
"Teenage Werewolf" by the Remus Lupins
"My Teacher Is a Werewolf" by Harry and the Potters
"Professor Lupin is a Wolf" by The 8th Horcrux
"Accio Hagrid" by Harry and the Potters
"Help Me Hagrid" by Justin Finch-Fletchley and The Sugar Quills
"Let’s Get Hagrid Fired" by The Parselmouths
"The Real Mad-Eye Moody" by Philosopherock
"Stick It To Dolores" by Harry and the Potters
"Umbridge, Leave Them Kids Alone" by The 8th Horcrux
"Slug Club" by Harry and the Potters
"His Name is Slughorn" by The Marauders
"Dumbledore’s Secret" by Hinky Punks
"Dumbledore’s Song" by Oliver Boyd & The Remembralls
"Dumbi Vs Voldi" by Fresh Dumbledore
"Dumbledore" by Harry and the Potters
"Why, Dumbledore, Why?" by Hawthorn & Holly
"The Bravest Man I Ever Knew" by Ministry Of Magic
"Boy From Spinners End" by Remedial Potions
"When All Else Fails, Break Into Your Teacher’s Mind and Look at His Ill-"Forgotten Memories" by Bella’s Love
"Flight of the Prince" by Oliver Boyd & The Remembralls
"Shadows by Severus" by Ginny and the Heartbreakers
"Neville" by MC Chris
"The Longbottom Legacy" by Ministry of Magic

In exactly one week (and one hour) we will be leading our “Is Fanfiction Literature?” roundtable! 

We are so psyched to be back at Leaky this year. See you all then! 

Add us to your Leaky schedule here: 

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The Witching Hour

It’s HP IRL! This week on the show we’re discussing Harry Potter in real life, based on our own experiences with fan conventions, movie premieres and midnight book releases, Harry Potter tourism and sightseeing, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida. We discuss the differences between experiencing Harry Potter fandom online, in person, or on your own. What’s been your experience of these things? How has it shaped your relationship with Harry Potter? 

Season 6 - Episode 3 - HP IRL: Harry Potter in Real Life

"We’re the Potter Fandom" by the 8th Horcrux
"Wizard Rock Heart Throb" by the Whomping Willows
"The LeakyCon Theme Song" by the House of Black and Swish and Flick
"Post Potter Depression" by Lauren Fairweather
"Voldemort Fangirl" by ALL CAPS
"House of Awesome Theme Song" by the Whomping Willows
"Save Ginny Weasley from the House of Awesome" by Oliver Boyd & the Remembralls
"This Book is So Awesome" by Ministry of Magic
"Get Back to Hogwarts" from A Very Potter Musical
"The Hogwarts Tonsil Hockey Team" by Harry and the Potters
"Hogwarts Here I Come" by Into the Pensieve
"Things I’m Not Allowed to Do at Hogwarts" by Obliviate!
"Looking for Hogwarts" by Roonil Wazlib
"I’m Going to Hogwarts" by Lauren Fairweather
"I Love Hogwarts" by the 8th Horcrux
"We’re the Students at Hogwarts" by Catchlove
"Platform 9 and 3/4" by Harry and the Potters
"House Song" by Ministry of Magic
"End of an Era" by Oliver Boyd & the Remembralls
"When the Lights Go Out" by the Whomping Willows

Episode image rudely stolen from the LeakyCon website, designed by the totally talented Jordan Edwards.