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The Witching Hour,
Season 9

Season 9 3/4. Episode 1.

In this episode we SPEW on and on about the social implications of House-Elves, and do in depth character analyses of Dobby and Kreacher.

House Elf 4 Life- MC Kreacher
Dobby- Draco and the Malfoys
Privet Drive- 8th Horcrus
Platform 9 3/4ths- Harry and the Potters
Socks!- 8th Horcrux
Underwater- Giant Squidstravaganza
We Are The DA- Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls
Dumbledore’s Army- Ginny and the Weasleys
Have Yourself a Harry Little Christmas- Gred and Forge
Gryffindor Rally Cry- Ministry of Magic
Bellatrix’s Paramour- The 8th Horcurx
Christmas Shopping for Dobby- Harry and the Potters
Evanesco Dobby- Ministry of Magic
Don’t Touch That!- MC Kreacher
Hallows- Andy with an M
Black Family Anthem- The Parselmouths
Don’t Wanna Be a Deatheater- The Brothers Black
She a Mudblood- Danny Dementor
Occulemency Lessons- Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office
Maybe Kreacher Will Bring Me a Sandwhich- Harry and the Potters
Battle Song for a Houself- Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons
Two House Elves- Harry Potter and the Magic of Music
House Elves- Dreary Inferi
SPEW Anthem- The Hermione Crookshanks Experience

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The Witching Hour

Om nom nom nom nom!

This week we discuss cooking, food, and feasts in the wizarding world. We also chat about the role that house elves play in the preparation of food at Hogwarts and in the rest of the wizarding world. 

Season 6 - Episode 5 - FEASTS

"A Wizard in the Kitchen" by Tom Riddle & Friends
"Knickerbocker Glory" by Hawthorn & Holly
"Headed to Hogwarts" by Catchlove
"The Sorting Hat" by Talons & Tea Leaves
"Dinner Song" by Tom Riddle & Friends
"Pumpkin Juice" by Mary & the Grandpres
"Troll in the Dungeon" by Stephanie & the Quaffles
"Halloween at Hogwarts" by Ginny & the Heartbreakers
"Halloween is Fun" by Room of Whateva
"Fizzing Whizbees, Baby" by Hawthorn & Holly
"Bacon" by Harry & the Potters
"Whatever You Like" by DJ Ronald B
"Honeydukes" by Harry & the Potters
"Hogsmeade Hop" by Oliver Boyd & the Remembralls
"Baubles and Butterbeer" by Siriusly Hazza P
"Christmas Time at School" by Gred & Forge
"Hogwarts is Home for Christmas" by the Brothers Black
"Mollywobbles" by Roonil Wazlib
"Why Don’t We Do It In the Burrow" by Tonks
"Wormtail Soup" by the Marauders
"Slug Club" by Harry & the Potters
"The Making of a Puking Pastille" by Gred & Forge
"Hogwarts Ghost Ballet" by the Marauders
"House-Elf for Life" by MC Kreacher
"House Elves" by Dreary Inferi
"Maybe Kreacher Will Bring Me A Sandwich" by Harry Potters
"Bezoar Pills" by the Remus Lupins
"Illegal Love Potion" by the Parselmouths
"Romilda’s Song (Move On)" by Romilda Vane
"Taking U 2 Skool" by Dumbledore 
"My Prophecy" by the Butterbeer Experience
"Norbert Will Eat You" by the Mudbloods