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Dear listeners! Tune in for a random show we are titling “Claire’s thesis is due friday slash OMG meet Erin!”

That’s right, we have a new little witch to introduce you to today!

Look it’s our faces!! Tune into The Witching Hour right now from 5-7pm PST to hear us honor the ladies of wizard rock and the HP series. You all are strong and fantastic and we love you!

We’re doing an Honoring of the Minor Characters today on TWH! Tune in right now to hear this week’s show.


In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, all of the students Professor McGonagall is teaching to dance are Gryffindors. Which means, Hufflepuffs would be taught by Professor Sprout, Flitwick would be teaching the Ravenclaws, and guess who the Slytherins get to waltz with?

“Put ………you hand …………….on …… …………….waist.”



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We’re going deep into book 4 this week! Live right now on The Witching Hour- listen in :)

Hey dear listeners, if you’re having a bad day (or having a great one and want to express your joy) we are hosting OUR HAPPIEST PLAYLIST EVER guaranteed to remind you why love wizard rock and make you REALLY HAPPY. Listen in now online or on kwcw 90.5fm walla walla for those of you in our corner of the universe.



TWH’s Fuck, Marry, Kill: Villains Edition

1. Bellatrix, Barty Crouch Jr., Tom Riddle

2. Voldemort, Umbridge, Greyback

3. Lucius Malfoy, Rita Skeeter, Cornelius Fudge

4. Draco, Sirius, Snape

you’re welcome :)

the true villain

Traditionally, today would be our annual Valentine’s Day show, but this year we’re mixing it up a bit and chatting about the villans of the Potterverse instead. Viva la Voldemort!
Tune in at 90.5fm Walla Walla or online, right now until 7pm PST!

Traditionally, today would be our annual Valentine’s Day show, but this year we’re mixing it up a bit and chatting about the villans of the Potterverse instead. Viva la Voldemort!

Tune in at 90.5fm Walla Walla or online, right now until 7pm PST!

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The Witching Hour

Season 7. Episode 2.

Why did Hipster Harry Potter burn his tongue? Because he drank firewhisky before it was cool. On this episode of The Witching Hour we take a break from mainstream wrock and play some of the most obscure songs out there. You’ve probably never heard of them. We certainly hadn’t.

Secret Kisses - 142 Staircases
Harry Potter and the Halfdub Remix - Terabyte Frenzy
I Don’t Tell Lies - 2 Cauldrons and a Broomstick
Flight - Witherwings
Wizards Loving Wizards - Tom Riddle and Friends
The Abandoned Boys of Hogwarts - Split Seven Ways
Someone Untrustworthy - The Sneakoscopes
Not My Son - QuickSpell
Wizard Rockers Unite - The Quaffle Kids
The Bravest Man I Ever Knew - Potter Noyz
Hogwarts Schomgwarts - My Magical Romance
Neville - MC Chris
On My Broomstick - Hogwarts Homeboi
Hey There Grindewald - Grindewald and the Greater Goody-Goodies
Dumbledore’s Secret - Hinky Punks
You Must Take the Train - Hogwarts Express
Ginny Can Just Shut It - Fleur Delacours
Broomsticks and Apparitions - Fawkes
Writing on the Wall - Essence of Dittany
I Kissed a Squib - Demi Towle’s The Cruciatus Curse
We Are Ravenclaws - DJ Accio
Ron’s Mum (The Sweater Song) - Alas Earwax!
Friends of my Friends - Thomas and Finnegan
So Much Love - Snidget
Here at Hogwarts - Shrieking Shack Disco Gang
Riddikulus - The Remus Lupins
Taking U 2 Skol - Dumbledore
Hogwarts Halloween - Hungry Hungry Hipprogriffs
Dragon Rock Rules - The Hungarian Horntails
Love, Ginny - Obliviate
Mister Minister - The Sectumsempras
Merlounge - Mermaids Above Water
I Want Harry Potter Back - Lily and James

So this is old news, but today we’re talking about the upcoming spinoff film written by Jo Rowling, based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them! We also have a special guest - tune in to hear some tunes about magical creatures and three (!!) familiar voices!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
thewitchinghourkwcw thewitchinghourkwcw Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
This seems to be a popular topic on tumblr as of late with a lot of harry potter blogs but I was wondering what your opinions are on transgendered characters in the wizarding world. Do you think it could be a thing and if so, which characters do you feel like could very much be transgendered? I know a favorite among some blogs is trans*sirius
thewitchinghourkwcw thewitchinghourkwcw Said:

I definitely think it could (and should!) be a thing.

I think it’s also a very interesting idea since it is so much easier for witches and wizards to change their appearances at will than it is for muggles- there’s polyjuice of course, but also lots of different human transfigurations, charms, etc… I think the experience of a trans* witch or wizard would be in some ways pretty unique.

Of course, there’s also the problem with the very gender-binary paradigm of “witch or wizard,” which I think we’ve mentioned on the show before… what would a more gender neutral name or pronoun be? Any ideas, dear listeners? Let us know what you guys think about this!

- Claire, 1/4 of TWH

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I also feel like there's a lot of context in the books for Remus/Sirius. There is an entire essay written on why people tend to ship these two.
thewitchinghourkwcw thewitchinghourkwcw Said:

There really has been a lot written about the two of them as a pair! I’m not sure if this is the essay you’re referring to, but there was a great editorial on Mugglenet a couple of months ago about Remus/Sirius and the lack of queer relationships in Harry Potter in general that I really enjoyed reading!

Check it out here:

If you were referring to a different essay, we’d love to read it- send it our way!

xoxo TWH