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Season 7 Episode 1 Back Again

We’re finally back!

Tune in to get a (slightly belated now, I guess) update on the Harry Potterish things Claire and Anu did this summer, and hear some wizard rock that goes along with it. Key features are leakycon, meeting wizard rock stars irl, and visiting Harry Potter sites in the UK.

"Something Wicked This Way Come" by John Williams
"We’re the Students of Hogwarts" by Catchlove
"Teenage Werewolf" by The Remus Lupins
"Durmstrang Boy" by The Parselmouths
"Wizard Love" by Luke Conard
"Hey Whompy" by The Remus Lupins
"The Leaky Con Theme Song" by The House of Black
"Fred, George, and Myrtle" by Gred and Forge featuring Moaning Myrtle
"Looking for Trouble" by The Remus Lupins
"The Bravest Man I Ever Knew" by Ministry of Magic
"Baby I’m Back" by The Purebloods
"Werewolf Love" by Tonks & the Aurors
"Underwater" by The Giant Squidstravaganza
"My Baby" by Ministry of Magic
"I’ll Be There" by Tonks and the Aurors
"Your Flying Car" bye The Whomping Willows
"It’s Real For Us" by Lauren Fairweather
"Death (Adolescent Mix)" by Danny Dementor
"Hermione’s Song (You & Me)" by Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls
"One Last Summer" by Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls
"When the Lights go Out" by The Whomping Willows
"Socks!" by The 8th Horcrux
"Save Ginny Weasley from Dean Thomas" by Harry and the Potters
"Whatever You Like" by DJ Ronald B
"The Troll (Big and Ugly)" by Harry and the Potters
"Back For the Fight" by Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls
"This Town" by Ministry of Magic
"Voldemort is going Down" by the Cast of AVPM
"We Are Wizards" by MC Kreacher
"I’m Going to Hogwarts" by Lauren Fairweather

Who’s excited? (We are!)

Also, a big shout-out and thank you to all of you who came to our Potterverse Politics panel today! We had a great time and it was awesome to hear from you all! Thanks!

And now, we’re off to the charity ball!




Can we just give a shout-out to Hostel International Chicago? Also it sounds like there are some other Leaky attendees here? Exciting!

TrampleCon2012 continues tonight with the second wizrock show and Kristina’s footie pajama party! Getcho jammiez on! 

  • Girl in restroom: I can't believe she didn't know who Darren was! How do you not know?!

New twitter new twitter! Follow us!

Crowds be crazy, y’all. Today is TrampleCon, also LoudNoisesAreBadForHeadachesCon.

Sara and I attended the YouTube Fandom panel this morning, featuring Alex Carpenter, Kristina Horner, Hank Green, and Jason Munday. We have many, many thoughts about fame in the fandom and the fandom culture. In the style of the panel, we’ll put all these thoughts into a video and share them with you.

In the meantime, what thoughts do you all have about the Harry Potter fandom and famous people within the fandom? 

edit: “I think we’re just old.” — Sara sums up our discussion on our confusion about StarKid and many other fandom-y things we’ve missed. 

We’re predicting today’s fandom on YouTube panel will become #tramplecon2012

1:30 am. A fellow leaky attendee sharing our hostel room has heard of The Witching Hour. WHUT.


Butterbeeeeeer (Taken with Instagram)

Dear listeners,

Today in the station the TWH witches officially decided—barring any international fellowships—that WE’RE GOING TO LEAKY! 

We booked our hostel and are super super psyched. Hope to see you there!


Hey wizards! Are you going to the annual Leaky Con in Chicago this August? 



Check it out and we hope to see you there!