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Asker Anonymous Asks:
hi! i was wondering if you could tell me more about Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls? im pretty new to wrock and they're my fave so far... and is the guy just a one man band? and i heard his name was actually Christian C... er, thanks mates! (oh, can this be a personal post please? i dont think i'll be able to check tumblr very often and i might miss your reply- again Thank you :)
thewitchinghourkwcw thewitchinghourkwcw Said:

Hi hi! We’re not able to respond privately to anon posts, so we hope you see this!

Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls is hands down one of our favorites. It’s indeed one guy by the name of Christian Caldeira. He’s from Toronto. Despite having a number of mutual friends we’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but we’ve kinda got our fingers crossed that we’ll bump into him next week at LeakyCon Portland. 

As Oliver Boyd, he’s released 6 or so albums and EPs. A lot of them are in iTunes; definitely buy ALL of them because they’re so fantastic. He stopped recording in 2011. 

He also did a side project called Talons & Tea Leaves with the guy from Catchlove. It is AWESOME, so definitely check it out. They only released a couple of songs.

These days he’s performing muggle music and working with a lot of the MOM guys. Here’s his YouTube:

Anddd with that, I’m a little embarrassed about just how much I know about this guy.  


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