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In response to your discussion in episode 6 - Dumbledore acknowledging that Harry could understand that Parseltongue spoken by Morfin in the Gaunt memory doesn't mean that Dumbledore can speak Parseltongue. If you assume he can't, then Dumbledore would be hearing hissing noises. Dumbledore just points out that Harry would be able to understand it, which is when Harry realises that Morfin is speaking Parseltongue, not English. Anyway, I really enjoy the episode. Keep on wrocking and Rowling!
thewitchinghourkwcw thewitchinghourkwcw Said:

Ooooh! Thanks! I can’t quite remember, but I think we were also uncertain, because it seemed from the dialogue like Dumbledore already knew what Morfin was saying, but I suppose it’s not impossible that he’d just had it translated somehow before…