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Dear listeners! Tune in for a random show we are titling “Claire’s thesis is due friday slash OMG meet Erin!”

That’s right, we have a new little witch to introduce you to today!

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The Witching Hour,
Season 7

Season 7. Episode 7. From Voldemort to Draco Malfoy, from Rita Skeeter to Umbridge, this episode focuses on villains in the Wizarding World. Viva la Voldemort!

Party Like You’re Evil - Draco and the Malfoys
Viva la Voldemort - The 8th Horcrux
Interview with Voldemort - Riddletm
Voldemort Controls the Media - Roonil Wazlib
Ode to Voldemort - Riddletm, Peeved remix
Voldemort Killed the Hufflepuff Star - Kwikspell
The Talented Mr. Riddle - The First Task is Dragons
Dear Tom - Ginny and the Weasleys
Voldemort is Awesome - Draco and the Malfoys
Flesh, Blood, and Bone - Harry and the Potters
Dumbi vs. Voldi - Fresh Dumbledore
Hunt You Down - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
We R Death EateRs - the 8th Horcrux
I Think My Boyfriend’s a Death Eater - The House of Black
Death Eaters March On - The Cruciatus Curse
Don’t Wanna be a Deatheater - The Brothers Black
Stick it to Dolores - Harry and the Potters
Umbridge, Leave Them Kids Alone - The 8th Horcrux
Bellatrix’s Paramour - the 8th Horcrux
Bellatrix’s Lament - Bellarin Synthertix
Bellatrix has a Soft Spot - The Le Stranges
The Real Mad-Eye Moody - Philosopherrock
Ballad of Wormtail - Tom Riddle and Friends
What Lucius Say - The First Task is Dragons
Flash Bang Done - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
The Avada Kedavra Song - The 8th Horcrux

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The Witching Hour,
Season 7

Season 7. Episode 6.Who run the (wizarding) world?

In this episode we celebrate the lovely ladies of Harry Potter and the wrock community.

I’ve Just Seen A Witch- Madame Pince and the Librarians

Aurors for the Win- Tonks and the Aurors

Penelope- The Hermione Crookshanks Experience

Luna Lovegood- RiddleTM

Romilda’s Song (Move On)- Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons

The Coolest Girl- A Very Potter Sequel

My Parents are Muggles- Seen and Unforseen

Hallows- Andy with an M

For Jo- Riddle TM

Dean Don’t Push Me- Ginny and the Weasleys

I’m Going to Hogwarts- Lauren Fairweather

Trains, Doubts, and Dreams- The Hermione Crookshanks Experience

In Which Tonks Loses Her Cool- Tonks and the Aurors

Ode to Minor Characters- Ginny and the Heartbreakers

Please Shut Up- Roonil Wazlib

Sorted This Way- Not Literally

Being in Slytherin Is Not Half Bad- The Parselmouths

Dumbledore’s Army- Ginny and the Weasleys

SPEW Anthem- The Hermione Crookshanks Experience

And Then I Died- The Moaning Myrtles

Helena’s Story- The Butterbeer Experience

Ariana- Roonil Wazlib

Gryffindors- Not Literally

Fleur Weasley- the Fleur Delacours

MollyWobbles- Roonil Wazlib

Revenge (Of the Best Kind)- Obliviate!

Look it’s our faces!! Tune into The Witching Hour right now from 5-7pm PST to hear us honor the ladies of wizard rock and the HP series. You all are strong and fantastic and we love you!

We’re doing an Honoring of the Minor Characters today on TWH! Tune in right now to hear this week’s show.


In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, all of the students Professor McGonagall is teaching to dance are Gryffindors. Which means, Hufflepuffs would be taught by Professor Sprout, Flitwick would be teaching the Ravenclaws, and guess who the Slytherins get to waltz with?

“Put ………you hand …………….on …… …………….waist.”



(via hedwigofthetardis)

We’re going deep into book 4 this week! Live right now on The Witching Hour- listen in :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I've been trying to find songs by Essence of Dittany but I'm having no luck at all. I'd appreciate it if you could help me out.
thewitchinghourkwcw thewitchinghourkwcw Said:

Hey! We can try- they’re one of those bands that never produced that much music, and only released one album “Splinch’d.”

The Wrock Snob has a great article on them:

Here’s a link to their Myspace, there are four songs to listen to:

finally, I have an audio file that someone sent me a long time ago of one of their songs that isn’t on the Myspace (“Writing on the Wall”). If you really want it, let me know and I can try to send it to you!

keep wrockin’!


Hey dear listeners, if you’re having a bad day (or having a great one and want to express your joy) we are hosting OUR HAPPIEST PLAYLIST EVER guaranteed to remind you why love wizard rock and make you REALLY HAPPY. Listen in now online or on kwcw 90.5fm walla walla for those of you in our corner of the universe.



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The Witching Hour

Season Seven. Episode 5.
In this episode Anu and Claire muse on what it would be like if the sexualities of characters in Harry Potter weren’t so heteronormative. What if everyone in Harry Potter was queer?

1. Dumbledore is Gay (and that’s ok) - Justin Finch-Fletchely and the Sugar Quills
2. Dumbledore’s Gay - Elphias Doge
3. Gay Wizard - Chocolate in the Library
4. Hey There Grindelwald - Gindelwald and the Greater Goody-Goodies
4. Fast Friends and Infatuations - Grindelwald’s Revenge
6. Alubs’ Lament - Grindelwald and the Greater Goodg-Goodies
7. Brotherly Love - Gred and Forge
8. Who is Blaise Zabini? - The Parselmouths
9. Tom Felton’s Kinda Hot - Draco and the Malfoys
10. I’ve Just Seen a Witch - Madame Pince and the Librarians
11. Love Me Luna - Swish and Flick
12. Draco and Harry - Into the Pensieve
13. Draco’s Gay - Amortentia
14. Ode to Sirius Black - The 8th Horcrux
15. Professor Lupin is a Wolf - The 8th Horcrux
16. Young Sirius Black’s Flying Motorcycle - The Remus Lupins
17. To Sirius - Remus and the Lupins
18. Cho Chang - The Mudbloods
19. La La Luna - Hawthorn and Holly
20. Different As Can Be - AVPM
21. Cedric - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
22. House Elf 4 Life - MC Kreacher
23. Evanesco Dobby - Ministry of Magic
24. My Baby - Ministry of Magic
25. Sybil Trelawney - Catchlove
26. Krum - Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills
27 The Weasle - HatP
28. Pick Me in the Classroom - The Hermione Crookshanks Experience
29. Ode to Lav Lav - Roonil Wazlib
30. Transparent - The Moaning Myrtles
31. Ginny Gets Around - Gred and Forge
XOXO Happy Valentines Day!
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi! Any idea when the podcasts will be updated? Wish I lived closer so I could hear y'all live!
thewitchinghourkwcw thewitchinghourkwcw Said:

Hello! Yes, we will probably have another podcast up this week, and more coming each week after that. We finally caught up (ish) with our backlog.

However, you totally can listen live! Our radio station streams online, at this link:

Thanks for tuning in either way, we heart you <3



TWH’s Fuck, Marry, Kill: Villains Edition

1. Bellatrix, Barty Crouch Jr., Tom Riddle

2. Voldemort, Umbridge, Greyback

3. Lucius Malfoy, Rita Skeeter, Cornelius Fudge

4. Draco, Sirius, Snape

you’re welcome :)

the true villain

Traditionally, today would be our annual Valentine&#8217;s Day show, but this year we&#8217;re mixing it up a bit and chatting about the villans of the Potterverse instead. Viva la Voldemort!
Tune in at 90.5fm Walla Walla or online, right now until 7pm PST!

Traditionally, today would be our annual Valentine’s Day show, but this year we’re mixing it up a bit and chatting about the villans of the Potterverse instead. Viva la Voldemort!

Tune in at 90.5fm Walla Walla or online, right now until 7pm PST!